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We will provide technology enabled fast services using drone.

Drones are prepared in factory having monthly production capacity of 1000 drones.

Our Services

We Are Professional Service Provider Company.

We are professionals with expert team in providing good services using technology enabled drones .

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India is agriculture-oriented country. Here majority of population is dependent on agriculture so drone technology will bring agriculture revolution. Crop health monitoring , soil analysis, irrigation & damaged crops can be treated using drone technology. Surveys & mapping of fields can be done which will in turn save time, & would me more accurate.


Drone Pilot Trainig

We have certified instructors for imparting best practical training for pilots who wanted to build their career in this future oriented drone world. Certificate of authorized drone pilot would be provided after completion of training program. With our drone pilot network, we offer our students the opportunity to be employed in our drone pilot network.



Solar panels cleaning can be done easily with the help of drone which removes dust using cleaning brush. In this method consumption of water is less as compared to traditional cleaning. Using our drones will save cost, water & also requires less manpower. We follow environment friendly techniques for cleaning solar panels.



Drones are capable of providing services at the event of natural calamities also. During these circumstances supply of essentials like food, medicines etc can be done through drones. In the present scenario mostly online players are opting for drone delivery for orders.


Survey & Mapping

Using drone technology survey of any area can be done with more accuracy. Hence this can be used for doing survey for measuring one’s farm and analysis of crops health. With the use of drone, survey is done followed by mapping which avoids human error.



With the help of drones, inspection service can be provided to various industries like oil & gas, construction, transmission lines, tunnels etc. By using drones for inspection work could be done much faster with precision & with less manpower.



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