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We are HDPE pipe manufacturer and exporter across the globe.

We are providing technology enabled drone hence solving major problem of agriculture which was spraying as lot of water, time & efficiency was wasted.

For farmers spraying was a major concern as while spraying of pesticides farmer themselves unknowingly destroy many crops & also spraying is injurious to health which is affecting many human lives.

Talking about water wastage as compared to drones in manual spraying three times more water is wastage so conservation of water is a prime concern which is solved using drone technology. The most important concern is time wastage which by drone becomes easier & more accurate in less time to cover more acres of spraying.

marucom drone

India to become the drone capital of the world.


Our Vision is to make India the drone capital of the world and we all need to work together to make this happen effectively. We are building drone eco system which can help industries to use drones in their business , helping them  boost up their productivity, cut down their costs  and hence achieve growth.



We have set up manufacturing plant along with assembly line for drones to serve various industries. Our mission is to establish manufacturing plant with assembly line to cover entire India. We will export our India manufactured drones across the globe.

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